Hello fellow designer. Do you want to better express your creative style with what you are wearing? I have designed custom t-shirts with my friends for over 6 months now. Today I feel too generous. Am going to give you 8 of my General Custom T-shirt Design Tips. You can use these to take your designs to the next level.1) take t-shirt design concept as deep as possible; Like all item designs, t-shirt design starts with a concept. When choosing the t-shirt design concept, the sky is the limit. I personally prefer inspiration from nature. All of our best designs always come from being true to the intended design theme concept. 2) visualize the design on the body; I usually close my eyes and imagine how I would look with that t-shirt custom design on me or my customer from a distance. It’s nice to close your eyes and visualize the design on the user’s body. 3) Keep the design simple. Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (a great designer) once said “Less is more.” From experience, clutter can ruin a t-shirt design. The simpler the design, the more appealing. 4) Who are you designing for? As all design products go, the exact end user is king. It’s much easier when the t-shirt is yours. If you are designing for somebody else. Ask your self-questions like: How old is my t-shirt user? What? Where will he or she be putting on this t-shirt?


The specific answers to such user questions always lead to the best designs. 5) Factor in the t-shirt color choice. Since the t-shirt already has its own color. It’s wise to select colors that will be in harmony with the color scheme, worst case scenario is putting a blue design on a blue t-shirt. Nobody will be able to see it. 6) Format your artwork properly. The artwork created to be printed on a t-shirt is where the gist of the design is. We always make sure it’s well scaled, well outlined. We watch out for accidental spelling mistakes when you use words in the design too. 7) Insist on using a good printer. The quality of a printout can make or break a design. Select one from a reliable source. Digital printers are the most reliable these days. 8) Stay ahead of everybody else with t-shirt design techniques. . Just like any creative venture. It’s more fun and profitable when you are trying out new design approaches all the time. This will give you the necessary edge to sell more of your t-shirts and express your creativity better. We usually do so by finding more tutorials and videos about t-shirt design. New methods and design technology keep surfacing.

In conclusion t-shirt design is a really nice way to express your creativity. With the above general tips, am sure you will get much better at it, like we did. Together let’s take custom t-shirt fashion to the next level.